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Recommended Walks in and Around Berkswell Parish

These walks have been prepared by Councillors from Berkswell Parish Council in a joint venture with the Berkswell Society.
They all use established public rights of way/permissive paths. The descriptions are correct at the time of writing.
Walkers need to take adequate precautions when out in the country, you are not walking on city streets.
Neither the parish council nor the Berkswell Society accept any liability for anyone who injures themselves whilst walking these routes.
The parish council have published these walks on the Berkswell Society website because it offers better technical flexibility than the PC website.
They are designed to aid people’s mental and physical health because exercise outside helps both.
That is particularly important during any coronavirus restrictions.

The walks are, on some occasions, illustrated with Ordinance Survey maps which are published using the parish council’s licence. @Crown copyright and database rights [2015] Ordnance Survey Berkswell Parish Council (Licensee) License number OS PSMA number 010005793. Reproduction is not lawfully permitted.

Walk to Kenilworth From Balsall Common

(7miles. Will need boots in some spots in winter)
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Castle Walk

with coffee, scrumptious cakes and mulled wine

(4miles. Mostly dry but could need boots in some spots in winter)
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Greenway and Barratt’s Farm walk

The opening of the temporary greenway on Barratts Farm runs parallel to the old Greenway and now creates a circular walk of about 2 miles. The temporary Greenway has a solid surface like the old Greenway and is dry
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Draycote Reservoir

This is a 5-mile, totally flat and dry walk around Draycote reservoir. Just south of Dunchurch it is a 30-minute drive. It can get busy at times but the path is wide.
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Click here for a link to a brochure and map

Three Churches Walk

A 7 mile walk around the three parish churches of Meridan, Eastern Green & Brekswell. Download PDF HERE

Canal side walk from Lapworth

A dry walk on both the Stratford and Grand Union Canals generally ok in trainers/stout shoes but see walk details one is dryer than the other)

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"Stairway to heaven" or a tunnel and coffee!

Dry walks generally ok in trainers/stout shoes but see walk details one is dryer than the other)

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Walks on the lakes and possible coffee

(1.5 miles, 2 miles and 4 miles.

Dry walks generally ok in trainers/stout shoes)
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Countryside Walk from Balsall Common to Berkswell Village

Starting from Hallmeadow Road by the permissive path (half way between Riddings Hill and Grovefield Avenue on the railway side).  Can be muddy in the winter.
Church Lane Berkswell – walk straight through the church gates

Two walks around Balsall Common

A 3 and 5 mile walk around Ballsall Common starting from Hallmeadow Road.

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