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Most people (rightly) think of Balsall Common as a new settlement. However, this area has had thriving local communities for over 1000 years. 

The area was once heavily wooded but now offers lovely opportunities for walking on one of the most extensive footpath networks in England.  Most people will know of the historic delights of Temple Balsall and Berkswell village. This walk celebrates Balsall Common, its history and countryside.

The Heritage trail brings history and love of walking together. The trail links sites of historic interest using the existing footpath network in a circle around Balsall Common. The main path is about 8 miles long but this can be lengthened or shortened to task by using alternative routes or using short cuts.

You will find some lovely places to stop and simply view. You will find other places for some wonderful refreshments. We mean seriously good. Some with history and others with views.

Click or Tap on the images below to download an ordinance survey map with the walk marked, a list of the things to see on the trail and information on parking.

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